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Services : Hong Kong Massage

Body to Body Massage

With the Body to body massage the massage will take off her clothes and performs a naked erotic massage with oil. This service is including the tantric massage. In the body to Body massage massage techniques are used to achieve a erotic trance state of mind. Erotic massage is usually focused on erogenous parts of […]

Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage or Tantra Massage it is basically a erotic massage that includes massaging of body parts usually not touched  in a full body massage. Our lovely masseuse will visit you in your hotel room and make sure you will have a relaxing sensual experience A proper Tantric massage brings at the same time full […]

Full Body Massage with oil

The purpose of the full body massage is a careful touch of healthy muscles and joints of those people who are sick in any way.Effects of full body massage:In the direction of the heart to knead and rubbing the blood circulation is promoted. Waste products are removed and the nodes are removed from the muscles. […]

Spa Massage

A spa massage is a combination of a full body massage on the bed and a clean and scrub massage in the bad. The total time in bad will be about 20 minutes. so if your hotel room has a bath? Our Spa Massage might be something you can try. What are the benefits of […]

Couples Massage

A popular services right now is Couples massage. We offer the most relaxing and rejuvenating couples massage in Hong Kong. You and your partner will enjoy the wonders of massage together in harmony in the same room side by side, by two different therapists. It can be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, life partners, […]

Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage (TTM) is a massage technique in Thailand under the Thai name Nuad Phaen Boran (Thai: นวด แผน โบราณ) is known, which means “ancient healing touch”. In Western Europe it is also called Thai yoga massage. The Thai massage consists of passive yoga stretching movements and positions taken stretching, joint mobilization and […]

Back, neck & shoulder

One of the most requested massage course, back and shoulder massage. A relaxing back and shoulder massage does wonders for people who suffer from tension, stress or back pain from office. Keep in mind that the next day you may suffer more temporarily stuck as loose muscles are massaged. This is because the muscles are […]

Foot Massage

The foot massage is designed to give as relaxation, through the feet, which works by relaxing the entire body. Foot massage provides a good circulation in the feet and stimulates the energy flow in the body. Under the feet are located nerve endings, which are in communication with all the organs, nerves, and glands of the body. As a result, the effect of a good foot massage enormous. The relaxing effect of a foot massage you will feel the tension slip is what a positive effect on your overall well being.