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Back, neck & shoulder : Hong Kong Massage

Back, neck & shoulder


One of the most requested massage course, back and shoulder massage. A relaxing back and shoulder massage does wonders for people who suffer from tension, stress or back pain from office. Keep in mind that the next day you may suffer more temporarily stuck as loose muscles are massaged. This is because the muscles are better blood circulation and the ‘protective’ stiffness is reduced and the muscles to recover.

During the back massage is massaged over the back. The main muscles that are covered are: the erector Trunci in the lower back and along the spine, the latissimus dorsi along the side, the rhomboideus m between the shoulder blades, the supraspinatus and the sensitive group on the scapula and the trapezius (trapezius), of which the upper part of the shoulder to the neck running. The shoulder massage is very popular. The seated massage is given, and covers more than just squeezing the muscles above the shoulders! Shoulder Massages are relaxing and often generated complaints office. The massage covers the upper back (latissimus dorsi, rhomboideus m), shoulder and neck (trapezius (Trapezius)), chest (pectoralis) and the top of the upper arm (deltoid ).

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